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Water Cooling Heatercooler

Water Cooling Heatercooler

Heater, Hot Plate, Heat Cycle

Heating and Cooling - Heater Cooler with double application. High performing Heater mounted type and Heating with hot water type are available. Both types are made with superior heat conducted copper, therefore both heating and cooling can be performed within a short period of time.

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Item No. Dimensions [mm] Feature Weight
Price $ Drawing
HK-200C 12 x 60 x 60 Heater, water type, 200 [W], Max. heating temp. 600 [℃] 0.30 $248.00 HK-200C
HK-600C 12 x 120 x 120 Heater, water type, 600 [W], Max. heating temp. 600 [℃] 1.00 398.00 HK-600C
HK-100WW 10 x 60 x 60 Hot water, Cold water type, Max. heating temp. 100 [℃] 0.30 158.00 HK-100WW
HK-200WW 10 x 120 x 120 Hot water, Cold water type, Max. heating temp. 100 [℃] 1.00 398.00 HK-200WW

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